Rocky's Biography

Rocky was the victim of a hit and run driver on April 30, 2012. Because we met him after the accident, we don't know about his beginnings. Here's what we do know:

  • He's a puppy. His veterinarian said from examining his teeth, he's probably under two years old.
  • He loves people - pretty much all the people he's met so far.
  • He gets along well with other dogs. He plays with our four dogs for as long as we will let them play each day.
  • He has recovered remarkably well from his surgery - he can run without major problems and actually laps our dogs around the yard. He still can show pain occasionally and he is not 100%, but it is difficult to tell he had two broken rear legs when we met him.
  • He learned to use ramps very quickly, with no fear. (We have a Shih-Tzu who refuses to use ramps, so I had a concern Rocky would be afraid, as well.) He runs up and down ramps to get on couches and our bed with no problems.

All that said, he's a puppy. This has a few implications for his forever home:

  • He is very mouthy. He puppy-nips at everything and everybody, so he probably would not be a fit for a home with young children or the elderly without close supervision until he outgrows this tendency.
  • He is very active. He should not be in a sedentary home, and he might not be as good with older dogs as with dogs near his age. So, if there is already a pet in residence, we will need to make sure the current pet accepts Rocky's energy level.