Introducing Rockford J. FosterPuppy ("Rocky")

Rocky was the victim of a hit and run driver on April 30, 2012. Sparky's Pals is paying for his recovery, which will probably be about $2,500. (We'd like to thank Sue Rozinski and Stephen Gilhooly for pitching in before the official page was set up!)

We named him Rocky because any Chihuahua that can survive being run over is obviously a fighter! We don't know his original name, since he had no tags and no microchip when he was brought into Rutherford Veterinary Hospital.

We will find him a forever home (with the help of some of our rescue friends) once he has recovered from his injuries.

Rocky is a lesson for all of us (again) - dogs do get loose. Make sure your dogs are tagged and microchipped, since if Sparky's Pals hadn't stepped in, Rocky would have gone to the animal shelter, and since they don't do surgery, he would have been put to sleep. Almost immediately.

20 July 2012 Update: Rocky is starting to look for his forever home. As anyone in rescue can tell you, this can be a long process, since our goal is to find him a family that will keep him forever in the manner to which he is accustomed!

Here is a short bio for Rocky.

You can track Rocky's early progress on his calendar. Who knew a dog would bother to keep a journal?

9 May 2012 Update: Rocky seems to be doing well and is adjusting to his foster home. He doesn't seem to know he has two damaged legs! He will have another follow-up visit with his vet this week to see how he is doing.

The only reason Rocky is still with us is because Virginia Gilhooly (Sparky's Pals Vice President) was at the vet's office with one of her dogs when a Good Samaritan brought him in. Virginia committed Sparky's Pals to covering his medical expenses.

Rocky had surgery on both his hind legs on May 2, 2012 - the technical term is a femoral head ostecotemy - since his legs were damaged in the crash. Basically, the heads of each femur are removed, and scar tissue (hopefully) will grow up and replace the joint.

Rocky's X-Ray. Both femurs are damaged.

Notice the arrows in the X-ray - those bones should be connected. That's what the surgery will try to repair. Basically, the fragments are cleaned up and after the bones move back into place, they calcify and form a replacement joint.

His broken bones don't tell the story, though. His face does. For a dog in great pain, he's been very willing to make friends and has tried his best to stand and wag his tail. We couldn't let this little guy be put down simply because he has no owner and while he was out loose, somebody ran him over and left him for dead. Can you help?

Rocky was released from the hospital on May 4, 2012. Sparky's Pals volunteers will help him through his recovery period (and physical therapy) until he is ready for a forever home.

Rocky, post-surgery