Service Project Ideas

Sparky's Pals has Service Hour Opportunities for Girl Scouts from GS Brownies to GS Ambassadors. We are ready to work with you towards your GS Silver and GS Gold Awards.

1. Service Hours: You can volunteer with us at a variety of Animal Rescue and Humane Education events, which include, but are not limited to, festivals open to the public and monthly meetings where we woerk on projects to benefit both humans and pets. Check our monthly calendar for upcoming opportunities.

2. GS Silver Award Candidates: Meet with us to discuss your project ideas and talk about our organizational needs, which might fit with your interests. For instance, write and print a children's book with a humane theme; organize a sewing project to make cat hammocks; or research and teach a class on a pet care subject using educational posters and handouts you create.

3. GS Gold Award Candidates: The project ideas below were compiled by Sparky’s Pals. They are not the only ideas we

will consider. If you have a project you would like to explore which falls in the Humane Education category, please talk to us!

1. Organize a humane education festival.

2. Organize a pet health fair with low-cost vaccination or low-cost micro-chipping.

3. Organize a one-day humane education camp for younger children.

4. Create a video journal of a shelter dog's journey from the shelter to his/her

forever home. Emphasize humane education issues so that it can be used during

Sparky's Pals workshops. (We can provide the camera.)

5. Organize a Sparky's Pals Humane Teen Education Club. As the club's first project,

choose a humane topic and create a multi-media presentation, which the club will then

present to the community.

6. Create a photographic exhibit, which can be used to educate the public about the

need for good veterinary care for their pets, or about the need for spay/neuter.

7. Produce short video segments for the Sparky's Pals YouTube channel about

different subjects, i.e. who is Sparky's Pals, the need to vaccinate to prevent

contagious diseases in dogs and cats, basic pet care, local pet laws, and dog bite

prevention tips. (We can provide the camera.)

8. Organize a food bank for pets.

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Call: 214-823-PALS (7257)