Brownies Programs

We offer two one-hour programs for Brownies. Please allow a little extra time for questions and discussion!

The first program is called "Know Your Pet". This program will focus on basic pet care requirements and the responsibility associated with pet ownership. We focus on owning a dog, and discuss all the things a dog needs to stay healthy and happy. We will also discuss staying safe around dogs and how to read their body language at a glance.

Our second program offering is called "Wild Things." This program will discuss the differences between wildlife and domesticated pets like dogs and cats, and how you should behave around both. We will talk about why wildlife do not make good pets, and how what to do if you encounter wildlife in your neighborhood.

These programs will be offered at a time and location of your choosing. The cost is $10 per girl.

Contact us to discuss date and time availability!

Call 214-823-PALS (7257), email:, or visit the registration page for details.