Safety Around Dogs: Top Ten Do’s and Don’ts for Children

  1. Don’t approach dogs you don’t know without the permission of the owner. Not all dogs are friendly and some may bite.
  2. If adults tell you it is OK to pet their dog…
    • Don’t run toward the dog or scream
    • Don’t hug, poke, or grab the dog.
    • Do approach slowly and quietly.
    • Do allow the dog to sniff your hand first.
    • Do pet the dog gently under his chin or on his chest.
  3. Don’t try to touch or pet any dog that growls, snarls, or runs away from you.
  4. Don’t play roughly with any dog.
  5. Don’t try to pet a dog through fences, car windows, or cages, and Don’t approach a dog that is tied up.
  6. Don’t try to take bones, food, or toys from a dog.
  7. Don’t frighten or startle any dog, especially when it is sleeping.
  8. Don’t try to punish a dog in any way.
  9. If a dog you don’t know comes up to you…
    • Don’t run or yell.
    • Don’t look directly at him.
    • Do stand perfectly still.
    • Do watch the dog out of the corner of your eye.
    • Do walk away slowly after a minute or two if the dog has walked away from you.
  10. Do treat all dogs, cats and other animals kindly and humanely.