Show Your Pets You Love Them

Here’s some suggestions:

  • Make sure they are spayed or neutered. It’s best for their health, AND it will prevent unwanted litters.
  • Make sure they get a heartworm preventative each and EVERY month.
  • Make sure to use flea and tick preventative every month.
  • Be sure they have fresh water and nutritious food each day.
  • Take them to see a veterinarian at least once a year for a check-up and their vaccinations.
  • Protect them from predators – both animal and human.
  • Have accurate ID tags on them at all times, or better yet, have them microchipped!
  • Give them plenty of supervised exercise.
  • Remember that they are pack animals – keep them in your home so they are true members of your family.
  • Snuggle with them whenever possible! It’s good for them, and it is really good for you!