Holiday Safety Tips

See also "Dangerous Foods".

Guests arriving and leaving can give your pet an opportunity to slip outside unnoticed and become lost. If you choose to allow your pet to mingle with your guests, make your guests aware that your pet is not allowed outside, and ask them to be careful when opening all doors. Consider placing a note on the inside and outside of your doors as a reminder. Be sure your pet has on a collar and accurate ID just in case! If you have a known escape artist, consider leaving them safely contained in a locked room or in their crate while company is in the house.

Try to maintain your pet's regular routine as much as possible during the holidays. A regular schedule of feeding and exercise will help your pet feel more relaxed, calm, and secure during the festivities.

Curious pets can tip over lighted candles or get burned by the flame. Keep your eye on any candles burning anywhere in your home.

Keep holiday candy up high where pets can’t reach it, or keep candy in pet-proof containers.

Holiday “outfits” can be cute – but can also be a hazard. Make sure holiday attire is not too tight. Check to see if it obstructs your pet’s vision or ability to walk. Don’t leave your pet in this special attire unattended – just in case.