Many organizations provide low-cost spay-neuter services for pets. Having your pet spayed or neutered can improve his or her health, and prevents unwanted pets. However, it is a one-time event. Equally as important to the life of your pet is regular vaccinations against preventable diseases as well as regular parasite preventatives. Sparky's Pals would like to assist families who cannot afford a complete set of vaccinations for their dogs.

Maxinations is Sparky's Pals low-cost vaccination program which will begin a pilot phase in 2012. The program's initial focus will be on dogs. The program is named in honor of Max (Maximilian Sebastian Gilhooly), a PBGV-mix puppy who was our dog for only about four hours.

Max has a story that in some ways is even sadder than Sparky's. Kevin and Virginia Gilhooly adopted him from a local shelter on a Wednesday afternoon and took him to their veterinarian's office for a two-week quarantine (a good practice for any shelter pet.) He seemed happy and playful on the ride to the vet's office, and spent most of his time begging for treats and seeing how Kevin tasted. After Max was settled in quarantine, Kevin and Virginia left town on vacation. Tuesday morning, they received a phone call that Max had passed away.

Max had multiple easily-preventable diseases (parvovirus, distemper and giardia [a parasite]), but he had never been vaccinated. He was (probably) less than a year old.

Today in Texas (and most states), only a rabies vaccination is required by law. Rabies prevention is critical because rabies is a zoonotic disease - it can spread from species to species, including humans. However, there are many other common diseases which are communicable (parvovirus, distemper) and many parasites (heartworms, fleas, ticks) that should be prevented, as well.

If a family has to choose financially which vaccination they can afford, they will choose a rabies vaccination - it's the law. Maxinations has a goal of allowing those families to provide their pets with all the vaccinations they need to keep them healthy, not just the ones that are legally required.

For currently available low-cost pet vaccinations (and spay-neuter services) in the Metroplex area, we suggest you contact:


Texas Coalition for Animal Protection

Kauffman County Animal Awareness Project

Denton, Ft. Worth, Burleson, Mobile Services

Crandall (pick-up services available)

All donations from this page are directed to the Maxinations Fund.